Privacy Policy powered by Tirth Sahara Group Welcome to Tirth Sahara Group, This is a kind of group of Brahmins and hosts from where we support one another, seeing our religious lover and devotees walking in the path of religion and devotion, looking at the pilgrimages and marital problems One of the main objectives of this website is to provide cooperation to others. Friends, this is not the business platform to do business. If your purpose is to earn money only then you can not work with our group. The administrator of this group is the only son of Dronacharya Shastri, the rest of the group members, if by any group member, If any wrong behavior is found, then its membership can be canceled without prior information. On this website, the same relationship will be given the highest regard, the relationship which any Pandit ji or any of our franchisors have investigated, we have the option to create a profile for all other people, but the boy or girl's profile No member of our group member keeps his full information or has any particular information about him or any of our members Our member has not given the word that the relation will be marked through the sign sign. If you want to remove the green signal from your profile and show it to the green signal then one of our group members should find out around or if there If there is no member of our Tirtha Sahara group then you should include a temple priest or some astrologer in our group around us. If he joins our group after completing some formality, then Pandit ji will provide you green signal using his User ID but for this you have to take responsibility for whatever claim you have written in the profile, If not, then this website, I will link your profile to the profile of those people whose profile is not registered by our Tirth Sahara group member. Only by putting itself as a profile, but by making someone own profile, only such a profile will remain filtered. Because we have already told that the purpose of this website is to provide a clean relationship with each other with great responsibility. Because when you create a profile, we have to decide on our accountability. Whenever a boy or girl checks your profile, To tell you about the open heart, but it is possible only when you come in contact with one of our group members. Unless you have complete information about us, you will have a Yellow Signal in your profile in the WebSide, which will be the sign of yellow color in the profile, not by any one of our groups, but by itself somebody has made its profile. This is to be believed, the profile in which the green color will be a signal will be considered as a inserted relationship by our franchisees or pandit's. offers its franchisees free of charge only after proper investigation, you do not have to give some extra money to get a franchisee. You are honest enough to work with us so that is enough. We also allow you to expand your group at your own bottom and the website will work to make a profile that is inserted by your group, while adding all the franchises below it and knowing that Is this man eligible to be my all franchisee or not because if there are a lot of people in the franchisees who communicate the wrong messages and the wrong relationships with you Are you have with them can be expected to be ID block, hence adding to your bottom ones scrutinized is your duty .. We urge our group members and franchisees to make any profile of any of the boys and girls you make in the website. Please mention as to whatever family you have about them and good and bad, whatever their attributes will be. As it is, the same will be written in the franchisee's Comments box, and you will not be able to see the comments written by you. If you think that if you are the working area of ​​a business commodity or product broker, then you should stay away from this Sahyara Group because the brokerage mentality is the biggest enemy of the Tirtha group It is our intention to communicate trustworthy clean relationships in the society but the loss or cheat caused by this website or group In this group you will be responsible for yourself. In any case, Ayurvedic Department's doctor or legal person has been experienced for years and Ayurvedic treatment given by them is very good relative time, but the medicine given by them or told that the medicine We will not be able to prove that this pilgrimage aid will be effective or will be beneficial for the benefit of the beneficiary. They provide the same information that we have as a possible investigation of any human useful information told by the Tirtha Sahara group or all of you living in different places and we share them in News in Activities.