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About Us Pandit Dronacharya Shastri on considering the difficulties & miseries caused by fake profiles of other marriage bureau’s created by fictitious people , decided that all enlightened people gather together to create a system, Where the Pandit’s living in India & Abroad or the people who believe in their contact may create profiles with the responsibility towards making a trusted and healthy relationship. Friends, For years, Brahmin’s in India used to work for finding matrimonial match for children of their hosts. There used to be very large groups of brahmin’s ,who also used to visit distant hosts for worshipping etc. and had thorough knowledge and could recommend child or tell if one can be suitable match for other or not. By considering all this at its own discretion, Pandit himself used to connect both families, But Gradually this tradition was withdrawn and people now have begun to relate the marriage of their children with the help of relatives & friends and just through advertisements without enquiring fully. People have come to such a color in the glare of the world and it seems an evil eyes have started looking at the scared connection. There are few websites with indiscriminate demotion. Keeping in mind these horrific situation ,due to untrusted practices, An organizations have been formed in collaboaration with the entire Brahmin society of India and other intellectual and the members of class under the name Tirth Sahara Group. Today this group can see the supremacy of major theologians when all intellectuals started joining this group & ordinary people too joined reach out to them and to get feedback. Members of Tirth Sahara Group organize different type of socio-religious and temporal programs from time to time where all participate to make the event a success. Dear Friends, after consultations and opinion of members the group in increasing the scope of its services.

Features available on website

Marriage Bureau Facilities on religious tourism (If You order from website, We can arrange appropriate arrangement for you to stay and worship the text inside the temple ,if you are member of group) (24 hours are needed for processing) Ayurvedic consultation for the search of doctors and others. One of the main objective of our group is to preserve the rare and extinct knowledge of Ayurveda and protect the nectary herbs. You can let us know in message box if you have any knowledge of any VAIDYA who can provide remedies for incurable diseases.Marryquick.com would advertise and promote those and you can earn commission for your reference. Horoscope consolations and for rituals ,Bhagwat Katha, for inviting Brahmins from here or Vrindavan or for any advice you may contact us.